Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury

Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, Mercury
ki, hi, tsuchi, kane, mizu
Birth Youth Adulthood Old Age Death
Element Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
Color Green Red Yellow White Black
Direction east south center / zenith west north
Planet Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Mercury
Heavenly creature Azure Dragon 蒼龍 or 青龍 Vermilion Bird 朱雀 Yellow Dragon or Yellow Qilin 黃龍 or 黃麟 White Tiger 白虎 Black Tortoise 玄武
Heavenly Stems 甲, 乙 丙, 丁 戊, 己 庚, 辛 壬, 癸
Phase New Yang Full Yang Yin/Yang balance New Yin Full Yin
Energy Generative Expansive Stabilizing Contracting Conserving
Season Spring Summer Change of seasons (Every third month) Autumn Winter Climate Windy Hot Damp Dry Cold Development Sprouting Blooming Ripening Withering Dormant
Livestock dog sheep/goat cattle chicken pig
Fruit plum apricot jujube (dates) peach chestnut
Grain wheat beans rice hemp millet Planet
Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Mercury
Mental Quality Sensitivity Creativity Clarity Intuition Spontaneity
Negative Emotion anger, frustration over-excitation worry, anxiety grief, sadness fear, lack of will
Positive Emotion Patience Joy Empathy,Love Courage Calmness
Zang (yin organs) liver heart/pericardium spleen/pancreas lung kidney
Fu (yang organs) gall bladder small intestine/San Jiao stomach large intestine urinary bladder
Sensory organ eye tongue Mouth nose ears
Body Part Tendons Pulse Muscle Skin Bones
Body Fluid Tears Sweat Saliva Mucus Urine
Finger index finger middle finger thumb ring finger little finger
Sense sight speech taste smell hearing
Taste sour bitter sweet pungent salty
Smell Rancid Scorched Fragrant Putrid Rotten
Life birth youth adulthood old age death