pUrNapAtra Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. n. a full vessel or cup , as much as will fill a vessel , a cupful (as a measure of capacity properly 256 handfuls of rice) SBr. TBr. GrSrS. (also {I} f. SankhGr.) n. a vessel full of rice presented at a sacrifice to the superintending and officiating priests W. a vessel filled with valuable things to be distributed as presents (esp. a present made to any one who brings good news) , Maltim. Kad. Hcar. {-pratibhaTa} mfn. emulating the fullness or a full vessel i.e. overflowing , supreme (as glory) Rajat. {-maya} mf({I})n. consisting of a full vessel , amounting to a full vessel or to only so much (as a speech) MBh. Katha1s. {-vRttya} ind. after the manner of a full vñvessel , plentifully , abundantly , Malatim.