bhUr, bhuvar, svar, mahar, janar, tapar, satya

bhUr, bhuvar. svar, mahar, janar, tapar, satya Enveloped by aakaas (the space), there are seven realms (lokas) of existence viz: (1) bhu=earth, the physical realm, the realm of being or food (matter);(2 )bhuvah=atmosphere, the vital plane, the realm of becoming or prana (breath); (3) suvah= space or heaven, the mental plane, the realm of illumination; (4) maha=cosmic mind, the realm of dharma;(5) janah=bliss, the realm of creation;(6) tapah=force, the realm of consciousness; (7) satyam=truth, the realm of absolute reality. http://www.geocities.com/gayatrisiddhpeeth/grace/abhaya-1.htm bhUr bhuvar svar mahar jana tapar satya