4 Arms of Ganesha

The four hands and the one trunk of this elephant-faced deity have esoteric significance. The upper left hand (with or without the noose) stands for Creation (or binding power). The binding power is what binds Matter and Spirit and is therefore the source of all this universe including all the living. The lower right hand (with or without the broken tusk) stands for Sustenance and Protection. He thus gives abhaya, Fearlessness. The upper right hand (with or without the hatchet) stands for Dissolution. The lower left hand with modaka or laddu (the standard sweet dish which is always associated with Him) stands for Grace. It gives Liberation (from the cycle of births and deaths). The trunk of the deity is His organ of smell and touch; it stands for Obliteration or Deception (mAyA). http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Rhodes/2952/gohitvip/11.html Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, Grace Manas, Buddhi, Ahamkara, Citta http://nayna.in/blog/divine-grace/the-powerful-elements-of-lord-ganesh-part-three/