nigrah P.A1. {-gRhNAti} , {NIte} (dat. inf. {-grabhe} RV.) , to hold down , lower , depress RV. TS. KatySr. to keep or hold back , draw near , attract RV. AV. S3Br. &c. to seize , catch , hold , hold fast , stop , restrain , suppress , curb , tame , punish Mn. MBh. &c. to contract , close (as the eyes) Mricch. ii , 13/14 Caus. {-grAhayati} , to cause to be apprehended or seized Das. Caus. of Desid. {-jighRkSayati} (p. {-Sayat}) , to cause any one to desire to overpower or excel Bhatt.