vinIta mfn. led or taken away , removed &c. ; stretched , extended R. ; tamed , trained , educated , well-behaved , humble , modest Mn. MBh. &c. versed in , acquainted or familiar with (loc. or comp.) Yajn. R. &c. performed , accomplished MBh. one who has subdued his passions L. lovely , handsome W. ; plain , neat (in dress &c.) A. m. a trained horse L. a merchant , trader L. N. of a son of Pulastya VP. {-tA}. f. (Kam.) , {-tva} n. (Ragh.) modesty , decency , decorum {-datta} or {-deva} m. N. of a poet Cat. {-prabha} m. N. of a Buddhist scholar {-mati} m. N. of two men Kathas. {-veSa} m. modest or plain attire Sak. {-SAbharaNa} mfn. humble or modest in dress and ornaments Mn. viii , 2 {-sattva} mfn. (a grove) containing tame animals Ragh. {-sena} m. N. of a man Buddh. {-tAtman} mfn. having a well-controlled mind , well-behaved , modest Mn. vii , 39 {-tAzva} m. N. of a man Hcat. {-tezvara} m. N. of a divine being Buddh.