vinI Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: P. A1. {-nayati} , -te} , to lead or take away , remove , avert RV. AV. to throw off , drive away , dispel , expel (a disease) Car. (A1.) to elicit , draw from (abl.) RV. to stir up (the Soma) RV. to part (the hair) GrSrS. to stretch , extend SankhBr. R. to train , tame , guide (horses) MBh. Kav. &c. to educate , instruct , direct MBh. R. &c. to chastise , punish Yajn. Kum. to induce , ead or cause to (inf.) RV. i , 1 , 64 , 6 to spend , pass (time) Git. to perform , accomplish MBh. (A.) to pay off , restore (a debt) Pan. 1-3 , 36 to expand (esp. for religious purposes) ib. Sch. to get rid of. give up , cease from (anger) Pan. 1-3 , 37: Desid. A. {-ninISate} , to wish to get rid of or give up (egoism) SankhSr.