dhur f. (m. only MBh. xiii , 2876 ; nom. and stem before a cons. {dhUr} fr. {dhR}) a yoke (fig.) burden , load RV. (v , 43 , 8 ?) &c. &c. pole or shaft of a carriage (esp. their forepart) a peg , pin (cf. {akSa-}) ; top , summit , front , place of honour (loc. at the head , in front , in presence of) MBh. Ka1v. &c. a finger L. N. of 6 partic. verses of the Bahish-pavamana ShadvBr. Laty. {-roH@zamye} , or {sAmanI} du. , and {-rAm@sAma} n. N. of Samans ArshBr.) ; (only L.) reflection , recollection ; a spark of fire part , portion ; wealth N. of the Ganges.