dhR Cologne Snaskrit Dictionary dhR cl. 1. P. A1. {dharati} , {-te} (Dhatup. xxii , 3 ; A1. Pot. {dhareran} ApSr.) , but more commonly in the same sense the Caus. form {dhArayati} , {-te} (perf. P. {dAdhAra} , %-dhartha} [Impv. {dadhartu} AV. Paipp.] A1. {dadhre} , 3. pl. {-dhrire} RV. &c. &c. aor. {adhAram} R. {adhRta} , {dhRthAs} AV. {adIdharat} RV. &c. &c. [{dIdhar} , {didhRtam} , {-ta} RV. 3. pl.{-rata} SBr.] {adArSIt} Gr. fut. {dhariSyati} MBh. {-Sye} AV. {dhartA} BhP. inf. {dhartum} Kav. , {-tavai} Br. [{dhartari} see under {-Tri}] ind. p. {dhRtvA} , {-dhRtya} Br.) to hold , bear (also bring forth) , carry , maintain , preserve , keep , possess , have , use , employ , practise , undergo RV. &c. &c. (with or scil {AtmAnam} , {jIvitam} , {prANAn} , {deham} , {zarIram} &c.) to preserve soul or body , continue living , survive MBh. Kav. &c. (esp. fut. {dhariSyati} cf. Pass. below) ; to hold back , keep down , stop , restrain , suppress , resist Br. MBh. Ka1v. &c.: to place or fix in , bestow or confer on (loc.) RV. AV. Br. &c. ; destine for (dat. ; A1. also to be destined for or belong to) RV. present to (gen.) Karand. to direct or turn (attention , mind , &c.) towards , fix or resolve upon (loc. or dat.) Up. Yajn. MBh. A1. to be ready or prepared for SBr. P. A1. to owe anything (acc.) to (dat. or gen.) MBh. (cf. Pa1n2. 1-4 , 35) to prolong (in pronunciation) AitBr. RPrat. to quote , cite L. (with {garbham}) to conceive , be pregnant (older {-bham-bhR}) MBh. Ka1v. &c. (with {daNDam}) to inflict punishment on (loc.) MBh. R. BhP. (also {damam}) (with {kezAn} , or {zmazru}) to let the hair or beard grow MBh. (with {razmIn} [ib.] or {praharAn} [S3ak.]) to draw the reins tight (with {dharamam}) to fulfil a duty R. (with {vrata4m}) to observe or keep a vow RV. &c. &c. (with {dhAraNAm}) to practise self-control Yajn. (with.{ipas}) to perform penance BhP. (with {mUrdhnA} or {-dhni} , {zirasA} or %{-si}) to bear on the head , honour highly Kav. (with or scil. {tulayA}) to hold in a balance , weigh , measure MBh. Kav. &c. (with or scil. {manasA}) to bear in mind , recollect , remember ib. (with {samaye}) to hold to an agreement , cause to make a compact Panc. i , 125/126 (B. {dRSTvA} for {dhRtvA}): Pass. {dhriy4te} (ep. also {-yati} ; pf. {dadhre4} &c. = A1. aor. {adhAri}) to be borne &c. so be firm , keep steady RV. &c. &c. continue living , exist , remain Br. MBh. Kav. &c. (also {dhAryate} R.) to begin , resolve upon , undertake (dat. ; acc. or inf.) AV. SBr. ChUp.: Caus. {dhArayati} , {-te} see above: Desid. {didhIrSati} (see {-SA}) , {didhariSate} Pan. 7-2 , 75 {didhArayiSati} , to wish to keep up or preserve ({AtmAnam}) Gobh. iii , 5 , 30: Intens. {dardharti} (RV.) and {dAdharti} (3. pl. {-dhrati} TS. cf. Pan. 7-4 , 65) to hold fast , bear firmly , fasten. [Cf. Zd. {dar} [519,2] ; Gk. $ ; Lat. {fre-tus} , &160659[519 ,2] {fre-num}.]