saMyuj Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary P. A1. {-yunakti} , {-yuGkte} , to join or attach together , conjoin , connect , combine , unite RV. &c. &c. to bind , fetter Vait. to endow or furnish with (instr.) SvetUp. MBh. &c. to form an alliance , league together RV. viii , 62 , 11 to place in , fix on , direct towards (loc.) MBh. BhP.: Pass. {-yujyate} , to be joined together , be united &c. ; to meet or fall in with (instr.) Ragh. to be married to (instr.) Mn. ix , 22 (with {ratyA} , or {grAmyadharmatayA}) to have sexual intercourse PrasnUp. Samk. on ChUp. to be supplied or furnished with (instr.) MBh. R. &c.: Caus. {-yojayati} , to cause to join together , bring together , unite MBh. Kathas. MarkP. to put to (horses) , yoke , harness ib. to hold together , check , control (the senses) MaitrUp. (v.l.) ; to furnish or endow or present with (instr.) Yajn. MBh. &c. to give over to , entrust with (gen. of pers. and acc. of thing) R. Pancat. to add to (loc.) Suryas. to fix on , direct towards (loc.) MaitrUp. MBh. BhP. to shoot , discharge (a missile) MBh. to equip (an army) ib. to use , employ , appoint ib. ; to institute , perform , accomplish Hariv. BhP. (A1) to be absorbed , meditate MBh. v , 7260.