Amuda-Valli - Sundara-Valli

amuda-valli and sundara-valli
Accordingly amuda-valli became a heavenly child and was adopted by Indra as his daughter. The other one sundara-valli did penance in a hillock in Tamilnadu and was born as vaLLi. These are the two consorts of subrahmaNya. The first one devasenA who sits on the left of the Lord grants us heavenly bliss; the second one vaLLi sits on the right and confers on the devotee all earthly bliss. The spear of the Lord called vEl in Tamil confers moksha on the devotee. The two consorts and the vEl are said to represent the three Saktis -- Energies: Will, Action and Knowledge -- of the Lord namely, icchA-Sakti, kriyA-Sakti, and jnAna-Sakti. Sprung from Eye of Maha-Vishnu