Kapil Tantra

In the Kapil Tantra the description of the 5 elements has been symbolized as the 5 demigods:
Vishnu is the chief of space. The chief of fire is Maheshwari power. Shiva is the chief of earth and Ganesh is the chief of water. Sun is the chief of wind. ...
In the subtle body of a human being these 5 Pranas (vital forces) are in the form of:
1) Prana 2) Udaan 3) Apan 4) Vyan 5) Samaan.
It has 5 aides called
1) Devadatta 2) Vrikal 3) Kurma 4) Naag 5) Dhananjay.
These are 5 covering layers of our consciousness. ..... According to modern Gestalt psychology the personality of an individual is classified in 5 ways. Psychiatrist Dr. Frederic Pearls says that if the 5 coverings of our personality are examined and opened up in a scientific way, the immaturity of our character can be overcome and instead it can be purified. The 5 coverings are: 1) cliché layer 2) synthetic layer 3) impulse layer 4) impulsive or death layer 5) explosive or life layer. http://www.articlesbase.com/meditation-articles/the-five-faces-of-kundalini-ie-the-five-streams-of-divine-energy-56696.html Vishnu, Maheshwari, Shiva, Ganesh, Surya Space, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind Devadatta, Vrikal, Kurma, Naag, Dhananjay Prana, Udaan, Apan, Vyan, Samaan Prana, Apana, Vyan, Udana, Samana