Red Twin - White Twin

Red/White Twins. Let us match the red and white stripes of sardonyx with the Twins for two reasons. First, the twins are associated with the first and second coming of Jesus Christ. He is usually shown in white in pictures of his first coming, and yet he will be dressed in red at his second coming (Rev. 19:13). Moreover, the Twins are the constellation of Benjamin, and that tribe was split into two halves, part going with Judah (red) and part with Ephraim (white). And finally, the red and white stripes so common in flags (including the U.S.) may tie to Benjamin.
Red Twin - White Twin
12.Jashepheh Sardonyx 
Red & White Twins Benjamin
2. Jashepheh Onyx Sardonyx, Rose Quartz Pink Tourmaline Red/White stripes, or Pink