kumbha Colone Sanskrit Dictionary m. a jar , pitcher , waterpot , ewer , small water-jar [often ifc. (f. {A}) e.g. {chidra-k-} , a perforated pitcher R. {Ama-k-} , a jar of unbaked clay Pan5cat. {hema-k-} , a golden ewer Ragh. ii , 36 Amar. {jala-k-} , a water-pot Pancat.] RV. AV. &c. an urn in which the bones of a dead person are collected AsvGr. KatySr. SankhSr. the sign of the zodiac Aquarius Jyot. VarBrS. &c. a measure of grain (equal to twenty Dronas , a little more than three bushels and three gallons ; commonly called a comb ; some make it two Dronas or sixty-four Seers) Mn. viii , 320 Hcat. the frontal globe or prominence on the upper part of the forehead of an elephant (there are two of these prominences which swell in the rutting season) MBh. Bhartr. &c. a particular part of a bed VarBrS. N. of a plant (and also of its fruit) BhP. x , 18 , 14 the root of a plant used in medicine a religious exercise , viz. closing the nostrils and mouth so as to suspend breathing L. the paramour of a harlot , bully , flash or fancy man L. N. of a Mantra (pronounced over a weapon) R. i N. of a Danava (a son of Prahlada and brother of Nikumbha) MBh. i , 2527 Hariv. of a Rakshasa (son of Kumbhakarna) R. BhP. of the father of the nineteenth Arhat of the present Avasarpini Jain. of a monkey R. iv , 33 , 14 one of the thirty-four Jatakas or former births of Sakya-muni L. N. of wk. Sah. {A}) f. a harlot L. the plant Tiaridium indicum L. (fr.{kumbh}) covering Vop. {I4}) f. a small jar or pot , earthen cooking vessel VS. AV. TS. &c. N. of a hell Karand. of a plant Balar. a small tree (the seeds of which are used in medicine , commonly Katphala) L. Bignonia suaveolens L. ; Pistia Stratiotes L. another plant (commonly Romasa) L. the plant Croton polyandrum L. the plant Myrica sapida L. {am}) n. the plant Ipomoea Turpethum L. a fragrant resin ({guggulu}) , or the plant which bears it L. gold Gal. ; [cf. Gk. &90932[293 ,1] $ Lat. {cymba}.]