nivezana mf({I})n. entering (ifc.) Hariv. (fr. Caus.) bringing to rest , providing with a resting-place RV. TS. AV. m. N. of a Vrishni Hariv. n. (ifc. f. {A}) entering , entrance into (comp.) RV. Kaus. going or bringing to rest ib. MBh. Hariv. ({-naM-kR} , to settle , encamp ; {sainya-}] encampment of an army) putting down (the feet) Satr. introducing , employing Sah. fixing , impressing Sarvad. cultivating , populating (of a land , a desert &c.) R. Kam. founding a household , marrying , marriage BhP. hiding or dwelling-place of any kind , nest , lair , camp , house , home RV. &c. &c. town R.