vyasana Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary n. moving to and fro , wagging (of a tail) Pan. 3-1 , 20 , Vartt. 3 throwing (effort) into , assiduity , industry Bhartr Subh. separation , individuality W. attachment or devotion or addiction to (loc. or comp.) , passion , (esp.) evil passion , sin , crime , vice (said to arise either from love of pleasure or from anger ; eight are enumerated under the first head , vix. {mRgayA} , {dyUta} or {akSa} , {divA-svapna} , {parivAda} ,%{striyaH} , {mada} , {taurya-trika} ,%{vRthAtyA} and eight under the second , viz. {paizunya} , {sAhasa} , {droha} , {irSyA} , {asUyA} {artha-dUSaNa} {vAkpAruSya} , {daNDa-pAruSya} , qq.vv.) Mn. vii , 47 , 48 MBh. &c. favourite pursuit or occupation , hobby MBh. Pancat. Rajat. evil predicament or plight , disaster , accident , evil result , calamity , misfortune ({vyasanAni} pl. misfortunes) , ill-luck , distress , destruction , defeat , fall , ruin Mn. MBh. &c. setting (of sun or moon) Mricch. Sak. fruitless effort L. punishment , execution (of criminals) MW. ; incompetence , inability W. ; air , wind ib. ; tale-bearing L. ; %{-kAla} m. time of need Subh. {prasArita-kara} mfn. having the hand stretched forth for (inflicting) calamity Hit. {-prahArin} mfn. inflicting calamity , giving trouble or pain W. {-prApti} f. occurrence of calamity Sah. {-brahmacArin} m. a companion of adversity , fellow-sufferer Mudr. {-mahArNava} m. a sea of troubles Mricch. {-rakSin} mfn. preserving from calamity R. Kathas. {-vat} mfn. one who has had ill-luck with (comp.) Kam. {-vAgurA} f. the net or snare of adversity R. {-saMstkita} mfn. one who indulges in any whim or favourite fancy Pancat. {-nAkrAnta-tva} n. distressful condition , grievous distress MW. {-nAgama} m. approach of calamity Sukas. {-nAtibhAra} mfn. weighed down or overburdened with misfortunes MW. {-nAtyaya} m. the passing away of calamity or distress BhP. {-nAnantaram} ind. immediately after misfortune Kav. {-nApAta} m. (= {-nAgama}) Rajat. {-nAvApa} m. receptacle or abode of calamity BhP. {-nAnvita} or {-nApluta} mfn. involved in or overwhelmed with calamity MW. {-nArta} mfn. afflicted by calamity , suffering pain L. {-notsava} m. a feast for the (evil) passions , an orgy &c. VarBrS. {-nodaya} m. the rising or approaching of misfortune Pancat. mfn. followed by or resulting in calamities MBh.