saMskRta Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary (or {saM-skRta}) mfn. put together , constructed , well or ompletely formed , perfected Lalit. made ready , prepared , completed , finished RV. &c. &c. dressed , cooked (as food) MBh. R. BhP. purified , consecrated , sanctified , hallowed , initiated SBr. &c. &c. refined , adorned , ornamented , polished , highly elaborated (esp. applied to highly wrought speech , such as the Sanskrit language as opp , to the vernaculars) Mn. MBh. &c. m. a man of one of the three classes who has been sanctified by the purificatory rites W. ; a Iearned man MW. ; a word formed according to accurate rules , a regular derivation ib. {am}) n. making ready , preparation or a prepared place , sacrifice RV. TS. S3Br. GrSrS. a sacred usage or custom MW. the Sanskrit language (cf. above) Siksh. Bhar. Dasar. &c. {-tva} n. the being prepared or made ready &c. Jaim. {-maJjarI} f. N. of wk. {-maya} mf({I}) u. consisting of Sanskrit , Kasikh. {-mAlA} f. {-ratna-mAlA} f. {-vAkya-ratnAvalI} f. N. of wks. {-vat} mfn. one who has perfected or elaborated or finished MW. {-tAtman} m. one who has received the purificatory rites Mn. x , 110 ; a sage W. {-tokti} f. refined or polished language , a Sanskrit word or expression Hit. [1121,1]