maya 1 m. (3. {mA}) N. of an Asura (the artificer or architect of the Daityas , also versed in magic , astronomy and military science) MBh. Kav. &c. N. of various teachers and authors (esp. of an astronomer and a poet) Cat. ; ({A}) f. medical treatment L. 401 maya 2 m. (prob. fr. 2. {mA}) a horse VS. a camel L. a mule L. ; {I}) f. a mare Laty. Sch. [789,2] 402 maya 3 m. (1. {mI}) hurting , injuring W. 403 mAya mfn. (3. {mA}) measuring (see {dhAnya-m-}) ; creating illusions (said of Vishnu) MBh. {A}) f. see below.