nAman Cologne Snaksrit Dictionary: n. (prob. neither fr. {jJA} nor fr. {mnA} [cf. Urt. iv , 150] ifc. f. either = m. or {-mnI}) a characteristic mark or sign , form , nature , kind , manner RV. VS. AV. name , appellation RV. &c. &c. personal name (as opp. to {gotre} , family name cf. {nama-gotra} above) Kas. on Pan. 8-2 , 23 (often ifc. = named , called e.g. {viSNu-zarma-nAmApaNDitah} , a sage named Vishnu) merely the name (as opp. to reality cf. {nAma-dhAraka} , {-mAtra} , {-zeSa} &c.) , a noun (as opp. to a verb) Nir. Prat. substance , essence (in the Miminsa phil. opp. to {guNa} , accidental quality) a good or great name , renown , fame (only ifc. ; cf. {zva-} ,{sumantu-}) water Naigh. i , 11 {nAmnA} ind. by name (also joined with 1. {nAma}) with {kR} (Kav.) or {vi-dhA} (Kahas.) to call by a name {nAma} (q.v.) with {grabh} ({grah}) to mention or address by name RV. &c. &c. with {bhR} , to bear or have a name ib. ; with {kR} (Br. Mn. &c.) , {dA} or {dhA} (GrS) , to give a name call. [Cf. Zd. {naman} ; Gk. Lat. {nomen} Goth. {namo} ; Germ. {namo} Eng. name.]