camara m. a kind of ox called the Yak (Bos grunniens) MBh. R. &c. m. n. the bushy tail of the Yak (employed as chowrie or long brush for whisking off insects , flies , &c. [388,3] one of the insignia of royalty ; cf. {cAm-}) MBh. ii , xii Bhartr. Kathas. lix , 42 ; a particular high number Buddh. m. N. of a Daitya L. {I}) f. the Bos grunniens MBh. &c. a compound pedicle L. 2 cAmara mfn. coming from the Yak ({cam-}) BhP. viii , 10 , 13 ; belonging to a chowrie L. m. = {cam-} (q.v.) , a chowrie Bhoj. n. id. (a kind of plume on the heads of horses &c. Sak. Vikr. Kad.) MBh. &c. (ifc. f. {A} Kum. vii , 42) a metre of 4 x 15 syllables ; = {daNDa} (a stick) L. {A}) f. id. L. {A} , {I}) f. a chowrie L. Sch.