azvamedha m. the horse-sacrifice (a celebrated ceremony , the antiquity of which reaches back to the Vedic period ; the hymns RV. i , 162 and 163 [= VS. xxii seqq.] , referring to it , are however of comparatively late origin ; in later times its efficacy was so exaggerated , that a hundred such sacrifices entitled the sacrificer to displace Indra from the dominion of Svarga ; kings who engaged in it spent enormous sums in gifts to the Brahmans ; it is said that the horse was sometimes not immolated , but kept bound during the ceremony) VS. xviii , 22 TS. Ragh. &c. , (cf. {arkAzvamedha}) ; ({azvamedha}) {-kANDa} n. N. of SBr.xiii (treating of the Asvamedha) {-ja} m. N. of a king BhP. {-tva} n. the state of an Asv. S3Br. x {-datta} m. N. of a king MBh. i , 3838 VP. {-yAjin} m. engaged in an As3v. SBr. xiii , xiv ; ({azvamedha}) {-vat} mfn. receiving an As3v. ; ind. as with the As3v. KatySr. ; %{azvamedhezvara} m. N. of a king MBh. ii , 1066. -2.