In Sanskrit, particularly though the complex meanings of guNa and nADI, the words for string are closely linked with a series of terms: Cord (Navel Cord, Umbilical Cord) String Thread Sacred Thread Rope Artery Vein Tubular Vessel As a result the physical process of binding (cf. the meanings of bindu) the navel cord, becomes a metaphor for the soul becoming fettered in phyocal existence. Accordingly the Supreme being is nirGuna, with no strings attached, and the mystery of life becomes a complex metaphysical imterplay between Nada - Bindu to become the 3 nadis and subsequently the 49 nadis and ultimately 72,000 nadis in complex versions. The number of strings are linked metaphorically to the number of strings in a necklace proceeding in a sequence from 2, to 4, 12, 16, 24, 56, 64, 81, 108, 504 and 1008 which are some of the most symbolically laden numbers of the Hindu system. So the strings which are threads, ropes, cords are on the one hand the secret of life. From a mundane view, they thus become linked with the sacred thread and the triple goddess. From a religious viewpoint, these same strings are fetters thatbind us to the material world, and the quest is to escape from Bondage to Final Lineration (from the bonds of bandha to moksa).