prazuti ({pra-}). f. praise , fame , glorification RV. Uttarar. Dasar. &c. ({-tiM} {dhA} , to bestow prñpraise upon , value highly [with loc.] RV.) liking , desire (as of food) RV. (in dram.) a benediction (praying for peace &c. in the reign of a prince) Sah. instruction , guidance , warning RV. an edict Vcar. Balar. (metrical) eulogistic inscription Ml. excellence , eminence W. N. of a guide to letter-writing Cat. (also {-tikA}) {-kAzikA} f. N. of wk. {-kRt} mfn. bestowing praise , praising RV. {-gAthA} f. a song of praise Cand. {-taraMga} m. N. of wk. {-paTTa} m. a written edict Rajat. {-prakAzikA} f. N. of wk. (= {-kAzikA}) {-ratnAkara} m. N. of wk. {-ratnAvahlI} f. N. of a poem by Visva-natha , Sah 1.