saMvah (cf. {sam-} 1. {Uh}) cl. 1. P. A1. {-vahati} , {-te} (inf. {-voDhum}) , to bear or carry together or along or away , take , convey , bring AV. &c. to load (a cart or car) R. to take a wife , marry MW. to carry or move or rub (the hand) along the body , stroke , soothe MBh. (3. du. pf. {saM-vavAhatuH} , iii , 11005 accord. to some fr. {saM-vAh}) to manifest , express BhP. Pass. {-samuhyate} , to be borne by (instr.) , ride on (instr.) MBh. BhP. Caus. {-vAhayati} , {-te} (Pass. {-vAhyate}) , to cause to be brought together , bring together , assemble Hariv. Rajat. to guide , conduct , drive (a carriage) MBh. R. Kathas. to chase , hunt Pancat. v , 14 to rub , stroke Apast. R. Sak. &c. to set in motion Kad. to take (a wife) , marry Vet. (v.l.)