sUd 1 (prob. connected with {svad}) cl. 1. A1. (Dhatup. ii , 24) {sUdate} (occurring only in the reduplicated forms {suSUdima} RV. {suSUdati} or {-dat} ib. {suSUdata} AV. Gr. also fut. {sUditA} , {-diSyati}) , to put or keep in order , guide aright RV. AV. Caus. or cl. 10. (cf. Dhatup. xxxiii , 43) {sUdayati} , {-te} (p. {sUdayAna} MBh. aor. {asUSudat} , {-ta}) id. RV. AV. VS. ; to manage , arrange , prepare , effect , contrive RV. to settle i.e. put an end to , kill , slay (also inanimate objects) MBh. R. &c. to squeeze , press , destroy Sis.: Desid. {susUdiSate} Gr.: Intens. {sosUdyate} , {sosUtti} ib.