plu Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary plu cl. 1. A1. (Dhatup. xxii , 62 ; cf. xiv , 40) {plavate} (rarely P. {-ti} pf. {pupluve} Br. &c. , 3. pl. {-vuH} Hariv. aor. {aploSTa} Br. &c. , 2. pl. {aploDhvam} Pan2. 8-3 , 78 Sch. Prec. {ploSISTa} , vii , 2 , 43 Sch. ; fut. {ploSyati} , {-te} Br. &c. ind. p. {-plUya} SBr. {-plutya} MBh. &c.) , to float , swim RV. &c. &c. to bathe MBh. Ragh. to go or cross in a boat , sail , navigate MBh. Hariv. to sway to and fro , hover , soar , fly Br. MBh. Hariv. to blow (as the wind) MBh. Var. to pass away , vanish by degrees SBr. R. (v.l.) to be lengthened or prolated (as a vowel see {pluta}) RPrat. ApSr. Sch. (older form {pru} q.v.) to hop , skip , leap , jump , spring from (abl.) or to or into or over or upon (acc.) MBh. R. &c. Caus. {plAvayati} (rarely {-te} , or {plAvayati} aor. {apiplavat} Bhatt. , {apupl-} Gr.) , to cause to float or swim , bathe , wash , inundate , submerge KatySr. MBh. &c. [715,2] to overwhelm i.e. supply abundantly with (instr.) MBh. to wash away , remove (guilt , sin &c.) MBh. BhP. to purify MBh. to prolate (a vowel) S3rS. to cause to jump or stagger Bhatt.: Desid. of Caus. {piplAvayiSati} or {puplAvayiSati} Pa1n2. 7-4 , 81: Desid. {puplUSate} Gr.: Intens. {poplUyate} , to swim about or rapidly R. Var. [Cf. Gk. $ ; Old Lat. &217796[715 ,2] {per-plovere} Lat. {pluit} , {pluvius} Lith. {plauti} Angl. Sax. {flovan} Germ. , {flawjan} , {flawen} , {vlouwen} &c.]