abhyupe ( {i}) , {-upai9ti} (3. pl. {-upayanti}) to go near , approach , arrive at , enter RV. vi , 28 , 4 S3Br. &c. (with {apaH}) to bathe KatySr. Mn. xi , 259 Yajn. to approach (in copulation) Hit. to go to meet any one (acc.) BhP. to enter a state or condition , obtain , share AitBr. (Ved. Inf. {-upai9tos}) MBh. &c. to admit as an argument or a position RPrat. (perf. p. gen. pl. {-upeyuSAm}) Comm. on Nyayam. and on Bad. ; to select as acc.) MBh. i , 811 to agree with , approve of Das. (see {abhy-upeta}): Pass. {-upeyate} , to be approved of , admitted Sarvad.