yAmya mf({A})n. relating or belonging to Yama GrSrS. Mn. MBh. &c. southern , southerly (also applied to a kind of fever {e} or {ena} ind. in the south or to the south) TS. &c. &c. m. the right hand (cf. {dakSiNa}) Hcat. (scil. {nara} or {puruSa} or {dUta}) a servant or messenger of Yama ShadvBr. Sa1nkhGr. MarkP. N. of Siva or Vishnu MBh. of Agastya L. the sandal-tree L. {A}) f. (cf. {yAmyA} on p. 850 , col. 1) the southern quarter , south Hariv. R. Var. &c. (also with {diz} or {AsA}) = n. VP. ; n. (also with {RkSa}) the Nakshatra Bharani (presided over by Yama) Var. MarkP. Susr.