pRthu mf({vI} or {u})n. broad , wide , expansive , extensive , spacious , large great , important ; ample , abundant ; copious , numerous , manifold RV. &c. &c. (%{u} ind.) prolix , detailed Var. smart , clever , dexterous L. m. a partic. measure of length (= {pRtha}) L. fire L. N. of Siva MBh. of one of the Visve Devas VP. of a Danava Hariv. of a son of An-enas MBh. Hariv. of a Vrishni and son of Citraka ib. of a son of Citra-ratha BhP. of a descendant of Ikshvaku (son of An-aranya and father of Tri-sanku) R. ; of a son of Para Hariv. of a son of Prastara VP. of a son of Rucaka BhP. of a son of one of the Manus Hariv. of one of the Saptarshis ib. ; of a son of Vatesvara (father of Visakha-datta) Cat. of a son of Vena MWB. 423 of a monkey R. ({u}) f. Nigella Indica L. = {hiGgu-pattrI} L. opium L. ({vI}) f. see below. [Cf. Gk. $ Germ. {platt} Eng. {plate}.]