triSavaNa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. connected with 3 Soma libations SBr. xii , 2 ({-sav-}) SankhSr. n. pl. the 3 Soma libations MBh. iii ({-sav-}) sg. (with or without {snAna}) the 3 ablutions (at dawn , noon , and sunset (also {triH-snAna} Ka1m. ii , 28) , xiii Mn. &c. ({-sav-} MarkP. xxiii) {am}) ind. at dawn , noon , and sunset Ap. ManGr. m. N. of a man BrahmaP. ii , 12 and 18 , 19 {-snAyin} mfn. performing the 3 ablutions MBh. xiii Yajn iii.