Krittika Sisters

The Krittika Sisters or Kartika Sisters, typically written, kRttika in Sanskrit and have various names including: 6 Sisters 6 Kartika Sisters 7 Sisters They were originally associated as the wives of the the Sapta Rishi and associated with the month of Kartik (October - November) and linjed with the birth of Lartik or Karttikeya . There is evidence to suggest that this once marked the end of the year. In Cambodia, Kattik still marks the 12th month, rather than then 8th in Nepal or the 7th in India. With the advent of the Nakshatras all this changed. The Krittika Sisters now became the Pleiades and this became Nakshatra 03: Kritika, Moist or Perspiring. There is a story of a love affair between Agbi and Svaha, which supposedly caused a divorce from the Sapta Rishi. This may be a diplomatic way of explaining why this importnat clister was shifted by six months from October- November to May-June.