zamI zami n. labour , toil , work , effort RV. AV. f. a legume , pod (v.l. {zimi}) L. the Sami1 tree (see below) m. N. of a son of Andhaka Hariv. of a son of Usinara BhP. 2 zamI f. (cf. {zami}) effort , labour , toil RV. VS. {zamI}) the Sami tree , Prosopis Spicigera or (accord. to others) Mimosa Suma (possessing a very tough hard wood supposed to contain fire cf. Mn. viii , 247 Ragh. iii , 9 ; it was employed to kindle the sacred fire , and a legend relates that Puru-ravas generated primeval fire by the friction of two branches of the Sami and Asvattha trees) AV. &c. [1054,2] a legume , pod (cf. %{-jAti}) a partic. measure (see {catuh-z-}) = {valgulI} or {vAgnji} L.