dhana dhana n. the prize of a contest or the contest itself (lit. a running match , race , or the thing raced for {hita4M} {dhA7nam} , a proposed prize or contest {dhanaM-ji} , to win the pñprize or the fight) RV. booty , prey ({dhanam-bhR} A1. , to carry off the prize or booty) RV. AV. any valued object , (esp.) wealth , riches , (movable) property , money , treasure , gift RV. &c. &c. capital (opp. to vRddhi} interest) Yajn. ii , 58 = {go-dhana} Hariv. 3886 (arithm.) the affirmative quantity or plus (opp. to {RNa} , {kSaya} , {vyaya} , {hAni}) N. of the 2nd mansion Var. m. N. of a merchant HParis. Sinhas.