zAnti f. tranquillity , peace , quiet , peace or calmness of mind , absence of passion , averting of pain ({zAnti}! {zAnti}! {zAnti}! may the three kinds of pain be averted!) , indifference to objects of pleasure or pain KathUp. MBh. &c. alleviation (of evil or pain) , cessation , abatement , extinction (of fire &c.) AV. &c. &c. a pause , breach , interruption Hcat. any expiatory or propitiatory rite for averting evil or calamity Br. &c. (cf. RTL. 346) peace , welfare , prosperity , good fortune , ease , comfort , happiness , bliss MBh. R. &c. destruction , end , eternal rest , death Kav. Kathas. BhP. = {zAnti-kalpa} BhP. Tranquillity &c. personified (as a daughter of Sraddha , as the wife of Atharvan , as the daughter of Daksha and wife of Dharma) Hariv. Prab. Pur. m. N. of a son of Indra MBh. of Indra in the tenth Manv-antara Pur. of a Tushita (son of Vishnu and Dakshina1) ib. of a son of Krishna and Kalindi1 ib. of a Rishi MBh. of a son of Angiras ib. of a disciple of Bhuti MarkP. of a son of Nila and father of Su-santi VP. (with Jainas) of an Arhat and Cakra-vartin L. of a teacher (also called {ratnAkara-z-}) Buddh.