Saicho was the founder of the tendai Sect. According to this text, Saichõ è˜, the founder of the Tendai sect, was walking on Mt Obie ·²µ (alternative names Ushio ÈÅ, Hamo #ª, Hachiõji k÷{) within the Hiyoshi Shrine boundaries, when the three main buddhas of Enryaku-ji—Yakushi, Shaka, and Amida— appeared in the sky before him. When Saichõ requested their names, they answered: “Draw one horizontal stroke along the side of three vertical strokes, and to three horizontal strokes add one vertical stroke. We/I have come to this mountain in order to keep the teaching of the law of the Perfect [=Tendai] Sect within the sect, and to further the means of salvation for those outside.” With these words the Great Master [Saichõ] set this up in characters. Drawing one horizontal stroke along the side of three vertical strokes he got the character san [ [mountain], and when he added one vertical stroke to three horizontal strokes he got the character õ ÷ [king]. Thinking it must be a name, since mountain expresses a form both large and immovable and king expresses the virtues in the three fundamentals [sanzai Xî] of heaven, earth, and man, he worshipped the deity there as Sannõ. As Mt Hiei expresses the three teachings [sangaku X¿]7 he built three temples,8 and because human beings can perceive three thousand realms in one thought [ichinen sanzen sçXæ] he made three thousand the number of monks [shuto L6]. (SNKBT, p. 440) http://www.nanzan-u.ac.jp/SHUBUNKEN/publications/jjrs/pdf/459.pdf