Red, White, Blue Terms

A deity comes forth from the right side of the body of Bhatara Buddha, red it color, in dhyana-mudra...called Bhatara Lokesvara. A deity comes forth from the left side of Sakyamuni, blue in color, in the bhuhspara-mudra...called Bhatara Bajrapani. ............. In terms of sequence this is: White, Red, Blue In terms of the Buddha this is Blue, White (Light Body), Red In terms of us as viewers facing the Buddha this is: Red, White, Blue Lokeshvara, Sakyamuni Vajrapani Alan Cameron has shown that the Red and White colors continued to exist into the Byzantine period, despite the predominance from an early time of the Blue and Green factions. He also shows that the minor colors were always partnered with the major, usually Red with Green and White with Blue http://skookumpete.com/chariots.htm#_Toc221435068
red crescent moon, the white disk of the full moon, and a deep blue nada,