Atreya Atreya m. (Pan. 4-1 , 122 Comm.) a descendant of Atri SBr. xiv , &c. N. of a physician Bhpr. a priest who is closely related to the Sadasya (perhaps because this office was generally held by a descendant of Atri) S3Br. iv AitBr. N. of Siva L. chyle L. ({I4}) f. a female descendant of Atri Pan. 2-4 , 65 (with {zAkhA}) the Sakha of the Atreyas a woman who has bathed after her courses SBr. i Mn. xi , 87 Yajn5. iii , 251 N. of a river in the north of Bengal (otherwise called Tista) MBh. ii , 374 ({am}) n. N. of two Samans AsvGr. &c. ({As}) m. pl.N. of a tribe MBh. vi , 376 (for {atrayas} m. pl. of {atri} q.v.) the descendants of Atri MBh. iii , 971.