Former Heaven - Later Heaven

Former Heaven - Later Heaven The Later haeven is a older cycle than the Former Heaven in history. In the Former Haeven sequence the forces are holding each other in balance. That´s why it´s not a real cycle everything is balanced. All trigrams are mirrored in the opposite. When you look to the Tai Qi figure you can put numbers in the later Heaven sequence, starting with one Heaven, two lake , three fire, four thunder, five wind, six water, seven mountain and 8 earth. Then the 1-8 axis is the creative axis, 2-7 the qi axis- the axis of life, the 3-6 axis is the earth axis, the created axis and 4-5 the egalisation axis, the axis the gate where the 2 source powers go through. http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/friends/showthread.php?t=3833