Shiva Tattva

Shiva Tattva Siva Tattva = SatChitAnanda Aham. It is the Chit aspect of SatChitAnanda; Consciousness is inward-looking - the Status of "I" (Subject). It is said that Aham ("I") stood for the love of Self for the Self. Idam (This) is the potential Parasakti. Aham is the inert or static aspect of Consciousness, meaning it forms the substratum or the support (hypostasis) of the manifest universe. It is like the riverbed in a river, the canvas in a painting, the skeleton in a body. They are not visible but without them (support) the entities do not exist. His Will was His brush, His body was the canvas, and the world was the picture painted on his body. Here Consciousness is the Subject and the object(s) is lurking -- manifestation is in potential state and the kinetic state of Siva is under check. Panchadasi defines Idam as follows: All that are perceived by the sensory organs, motor organs, the mind, Buddhi, and scriptures come under IDAM (Panchadasi 2.18) http://www.bhagavadgitausa.com/HE-SHE-ANDROGYNY-NATARAJA.htm