All Good Mother -All Good Father

All Good Mother -All Good Father Yeshu’s twin-soul is Sherab Chamma, the Perfection of Wisdom, in the Bon Pantheon. The cosmic Yeshu himself is identical to Shenlha Odkar, the Sambhogakaya Buddha, or God of Compassion of the Bonpos. Mani and Miryai, the Gnostic Logos and Will, make up the third pair of peaceful deities known in Bon as Sangpo Bumtri the Creator and his syzygy Chulcam Gyalmo. http://essenes.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=311&Itemid=505 Sherab Chamma Wisdom Loving Mother http://www.sherabchammaling.com/ Shenlha Odker - Shenrab Chamma