paNi m. a bargainer , miser , niggard (esp. one who is sparing of sacrificial oblations) RV. AV. N. of a class of envious demons watching over treasures RV. (esp. x , 108) AV. SBr. a thief appearing as a Purohita BhP. a market L. 2 pANi 1 m. a place of sale , shop , market W. 3 pANi 2 m. (said to be fr. {paN}) the hand RV. &c. &c. (often ifc. = holding in the hand e.g. {asi-p-} , holding a sword in the , sword in hand ; {pANiM-grah} or {-Nau-kR} , to take the hand of a bride , marry {-niMdA} , to give the hñhand in marriage) a hoof. RV. ii , 31 , 2 N. of Sch. on the Dasa-rupaka Cat. [Orig {palni} cf. Gk. $ Lat. {palma} ; Angl. Sax. &188673[615 ,2] {folm} Germ. {fuhlen} Eng. {feel}.] 4 pANI in comp. for 2. %{pANi}.