ulUka m. ({val} Un2. iv , 41) , an owl RV. x , 165 , 4 AV. vi , 29 , 1 VS. TS. MBh. Mn. &c. N. of Indra Vam. of a Muni (in the VayuP. enumerated together with Kanada , but perhaps identical with him , as the Vaiseshika system is called Aulukya-darsana in the Sarvad.) of a Naga Suparn2. of a king of the Ulukas ({As}) m. pl.N. of a people MBh. Hariv. ({I}) f. N. of the primeval owl Hariv. 222 VP. ({am}) n. a kind of grass (= {ulapa}) L. (cf. Lat. {ulula} Gk. $ ; Old &68461[218 ,3] High Germ. {u1la} Angl. Sax. {u1le} Mod. Germ. {Eule} Eng. {owl} Fr. {hulotte}.)