11 Internal Organs

Manas, Mantri, Prana, Nara, Pana, Vinirbhaya, Naya, Dansa, Narayana, Vrisha, Prabhu
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary under: indriya ....the number five as symbolical of the five senses. (In addition to the five organs of perception , {buddhIndriyANi} or {jJAnendriyANi} , i.e. eye , ear , nose , tongue , and skin , the Hindus enumerate five organs of action , {karmendriyANi} i.e. larynx , hand , foot , anus , and parts of generation ; between these ten organs and the soul or {Atman} stands {manas} or mind , considered as an eleventh organ The control or subduing of these organs is celebrated in the feast of Ekadashi.