pavitra n. a means of purification , filter , strainer , straining-cloth &c. (made of thread or hair or straw , for clarifying fruits , esp. the Soma) RV. &c. &c. Kusa grass (esp. two Kusa leaves for holding offerings or for sprinkling and purifying ghee &c.) SBr. KatySr. Mn. &c. (ifc. also {ko} see {sa-pavitraka}) , a ring of Kusa grass worn on the fourth finger on partic. occasions W. a purifying prayer or Mantra Mn. Ya1jn5. MBh. a means of purifying or clearing the mind RV. iii , 26 , 8 ; 31 , 6 &c. melted butter L. honey L. water L. rain or rubbing ({varSaNa} or {gharSaNa}) L. copper L. the vessel in which the Argha is presented L. (ifc. {-ka} MarkP.) the Brahmanical cord (cf. {-trAropaNs}) N. of Vishnu (also {presentedpavintrANAm}) MBh. (cf RTL. 106) of Siva ib. (with {AdityAnAm} and {devAnAm}) N. of Samans ArshBr. a kind of metre Col. m. N. of a partic. Soma-sacrifice belonging to the Rajasuya TandBr. Sch. SrS. Sesamum Indicum L. Nageia Putranjiva L. N. of a man g. {azvAdi} of an Angirasa (the supposed author of RV. ix , 67 ; 73 ; 83 ; 107) RAnukr. (pl.) N. of a class of deities in the 14th Manv-antara , Pur {A}) f. N. of sev. plants (basil , saffron , the small Pippala tree &c.) L. of sev. rivers MBh. Pur. the 12th day of the light half of Sravana (a festival in honour of Vishnu) W. mf({A})n. purifying , averting evil , pure , holy , sacred , sinless , beneficent Mn. MBh. &c.