pratisara m. (ifc. f. {A}) a cord or ribbon used as an amulet worn round the neck or wrist at nuptials &c. AV. &c. &c. (also {A} f. [Var. Dharmas. 5] and n. [g. {ardharcAdi}]) a bracelet Kir. a line returning into itself. circle S3Br. assailing , an attack ({a-pr-}) Hariv. a wreath , garland L. a follower , servant L. the rear of an army L. dressing or anointing a wound L. day-break L. {-bandha} m. a partic. nuptial ceremony ApGr. Sch. pl. N. of partic. magical verses or formulas protecting from demons SBr. m. n. a watch , guard L. ({A}) f. (cf. above) a female servant L. (with Buddh.) one of the 5 protectors Dharmas. 5.