azoka 1 mf({A})n. (1. {zuc}) , not causing sorrowN. Lalit. not feeling sorrow Nalod. m. the tree Jonesia Asoka Roxb. (a tree of moderate size belonging to the leguminous class with magnificent red flowers) MBh. &c. N. of a minister of king Dasaratha R. i , 7 , 3 of a well-known king (in Pataliputra) MBh. Buddh. &c. ({A}) f. N. of a medicinal plant L. a female name , (g. {zubhrAdi} q.v.) N. of one of the female deities of the Jainas L. ({am}) n. the blossom of the Asoka plant Vikr. , (cf. Pan. 4-3 , 166 Siddh.) quicksilver L.