mAlinI f. the wife of a garland-maker or gardener , female florist Pancat. N. of two plants (= Alhagi Maurorum and {agni-zikhA}) L. (in music) a partic. Sruti Samgit. N. of various metres Col. of Durga and one of her female attendants (also of a girl seven years old representing Durga at her festival) L. of a celestial maiden MBh. [814,1] of one of the seven Matris of Skanda MBh. of a Rakshasi (mother of Vibhishana) MBh. N. assumed by Draupadi (while resident with king Virata) MBh. of the wife of Svetasident with king Virata.) MBh. of the wife of Karna (daughter of Su-karu) Hariv. of the wife of Priya-vrata Cat. of the wife of Ruci and mother of Manu Raucya MarkP. of the wife of Prasena-jit Buddh. of various rivers MBh. of the celestial Ganges L. of a city (= {campA}) MBh. Hariv. = next Aryav