kaNTh m. ({kaN} Un2. i , 105) , the throat , the neck (cf. {A-kaNTha-tRpta} ; {kaNThe} {grah} , to embrace Kathas.) the voice (cf. {sanna-kaNTha}) MBh. BhP. &c. sound , especially guttural sound W. the neck (of a pitcher or jar) , the narrowest part (e.g. of the womb of a hole in which sacrificial fire is deposited of a stalk &c.) Susr. Hcat. Kathas. &c. immediate proximity Pancat. Vanguiera Spinosa L. N. of a Maharshi R. {I}) f. neck , throat L. ; a rope or leather round the neck of a horse L. a necklace , collar , ornament for the neck L.