mAlA f. a wreath , garland , crown GrSrS. MBh. &c. a string of beads , necklace , rosary. Kav. Pancat. (cf. {akSa-} and {ratna-m-}) a row , line , streak MBh. Ka1v. &c. a series , regular succession (with %{nAmnAm} , a collection of words arrayed in a series , a vocabulary , dictionary cf. {nAma-m-}) a kind of Krama-patha (cf. {krama-mAlA}) N. of various metres Col. (in rhet.) a series of epithets or similes W. (in dram.) a series of offerings for obtaining any object of desire (Sak. iii , 17) Sah. (in astrol.) a partic. Dala-yoga (q.v.) VarBrS. Sch. Trigonella Corniculata L. N. of a river MBh. of a glossary