tilaka m. (g. {sthUlAdi}) Clerodendrum phlomoides (Symplocos racemosa L.) MBh. &c. a freckle (compared to a sesamum-seed) VarBrS. l , 9 ; lii , 10 Kathas. a kind of skin-eruption L. (in music) N. of a Dhruvaka a kind of horse L. N. of a prince of Kampana Rajat. viii , 577 ff m. (n. Pancad. ii , 57) a mark on the forehead (made with coloured earths , sandal-wood , or unguents , either as an ornament or a sectarial distinction) Yajn5. i , 293 MBh. iii , 11591 R. (ifc. f. {A} , iii) &c. the ornament of anything (in comp.) Pancat. i , 1 , 92 Kathas. &c. (ifc. f. {A} Rajat. iii , 375) n. id. L. ; the right lung L. black sochal salt L. alliteration Rajat. a metre of 4 x 6 syllables ; = {tri-zlokI} L. a kind of observance Kalanirn. Introd. 12 {A}) f. a kind of necklace L. cf. {eNa-} , {kha-} , {vasanta-} ; {Urdhva-tilakin}.